button punch tool, metal deck


Slash Labor Cost and Boost Productivity.
Produces An Average of 1,200 Punches Per Hour.
Parker Punch Tool - $2,420.00

$ 100.00 UPS Ground Freight Within U.S.

Produces An Average of 1,200 Punches/Hour and 9,600 Punches/Day.

No More Operator Fatigue. Simply Push a Trigger And The Tool Punches The Deck.

Safe and Consistent Punches That Pass Inspection Every Time.

Can Be Used For Both Crimping and Button Punching.

Punches All Types Of Decking, 18 GA to 22 GA.

1 Year Warranty.

Powder Coated Rugged Steel Frame.

Fast, High Volume Pneumatic Button Punch

3 Punching Pins That Virtually Eliminate Bust-outs.

B Deck N Deck
B Formlok W2 Formlok W3 Formlok

Deep Vercor Shallow Vercor